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The Dragon Wars (Chapter 15 + Epilogue)
Chapter 15: Rebirth
Tregondor roared in agony as Majaron became lodged into his chest. As Velore’s grip on Majaron got tighter, the sword glowed brighter. Tregondor roared louder as the light shined brighter. Eventually, Velore pulled the sword out. Everyone watched as the Dark Dragon King fell to his knees.
Tregondor slowly turned into sand, starting from his tail. As he slowly disintegrated, he gave out his final speech.
This is not the end, boy… My Darkness is eternal… No matter how bright the Light shines… Darkness will always return… I will rise again!
His final words echoed as he vanished. “I will return…” Then he was gone.
The other Dark Dragon slowly vanished as well. “Our master is gone,” Hissenroc hissed for the last time, “But we will rise again…”
Everything was silent. The clouds finally parted. The world stood still for a moment. Velore
:icongontopia-realm:Gontopia-Realm 4 5
The Dragon Wars (Chapter 14)
Chapter 14: War
“Tregoneron!” Velore said in relief. “You came just in time!”
Tregoneron ignored Velore and kept his focus on Tregondor.
Tregoneron?” Tregondor said. “You dare stand in my way again?
“Your reign of darkness must end, Tregondor,” said Tregoneron. “I cannot allow you to throw everything off balance.”
Balance, ha!” scoffed Tregondor. “Power is what’s important here. Humans do not know such power. Tell me, Tregoneron: what’s so special about humans that they deserve such protection?
“Because humans are the only being in this world who know our ways,” answered Tregoneron. “Only humans understand our ways.”
Humans know nothing of us!” Tregondor snapped. “They do not know the line between right and wrong! We are above all living beings! We are GODS!
:icongontopia-realm:Gontopia-Realm 4 4
Confrontation by Gontopia-Realm Confrontation :icongontopia-realm:Gontopia-Realm 13 8
The Dragon Wars (Chapter 13)
Chapter 13: Tregondor
Velore woke up at the crack of dawn that next morning. Velore got dressed and geared up for battle. Clair slowly got up, woken from the noise Velore was making.
“Good morning, Clair,” Velore said to her. “Did I wake you?”
Clair yawned. “Why are you up so early?” she asked half-asleep.
Velore attached Majaron to his belt. “The sooner we find Tregondor, the better,” he answered.
Clair got herself dressed. “You’re still thinking about your mother’s death, aren’t you?”
Velore nodded, though he didn’t want to admit it.
“I understand your pain,” Clair said as she geared up. “But don’t let that bother you. Remember, we’re dealing with the king of Dark Dragons here; don’t take him lightly.”
“I won’t,” Velore reassured. “You still have that key?”
Clair pulled the silver key out of her bag.
:icongontopia-realm:Gontopia-Realm 5 4


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Digital Art
Pictures drawn and colored digitally. Choice between background or no background and shading or no shading.

I can draw dragons, dinosaurs, and other mythical creatures.
Porn and NSFW art is NOT allowed!

Most of my art on this account is digital art. If you are interested in other art commissions from me, visit my main account CraigTheCrocodile



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Welcome to the world of Gontopia, a land of dragons, both Dark and Pure.

This is my second DA account. Main account is CraigTheCrocodile:iconcraigthecrocodile:. This is where my story, "The Dragon Wars", will be showcased, along with illustrations of the characters.

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COMMISSIONS1 by Queen-Soulia
Want me to draw something for you? Then please commission me! My commission prices and info are here:
Commission Price ListI am now taking art commissions! Here's what I can and will draw: Cartoon characters Dinosaurs Dragons and other mythical creatures Original/Fan characters
And here are your options for art:

Static icons of any character of your choice. Can be any size you wish.
Line Art

Drawings that have been outlined either digitally or with Sharpie pens. Free for you (the customer) to color as long as you give me credit!
$5 for one character
Add $1 for each additional character

Traditional Art

Drawings colored with colored pencils. Solid background.
$8 for one character
Add $1 for each additional character
Digital Art

Collabs Yes by LumiResources
Want to collaborate with me? Just note me! I can either make a sketch for you to ink and color, or vice versa. Send me a private note so we can make a plan. :)

ART TRADE1 by Queen-Soulia
I gladly accept art trades, but only if I've known you for long enough. Just message me if you are interested in doing one. Rules for requests apply for art trades as well. :)

Team Pure Dragons stamp by Gontopia-Realm or Team Dark Dragons stamp by Gontopia-Realm
Which side are you on?

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Come one, come all! It's time for an art contest! :D (Big Grin)

The rules are simple: Illustrate any scene from my story "The Dragon Wars".

Grand Prize: Month's worth of Core Membership, 80 DeviantArt points, and a 50% discount on any commission.
Runner Up: 30 DeviantArt points, and a 25% discount on any commission.
All Entries: Custom (static) icon of your character, 20 DeviantArt points, and your illustration being featured in the story.

Entries will be judged by overall style and effort. All entries must be submitted by July 8th.

Good luck to you all! :D (Big Grin)


1)  ~Bring it On, Brimstone Breath!~ by SonicFazbear15 

2)  You'll never get the key! [Contest entry] by iHateFridays iHateFridays 

3) Flying through mountains (un digitised) by silverskreell silverskreell 

4)  I will not let you harm this boy! ~ Contest Entry by Imaginative-Light77 Imaginative-Light77 

5)  Contest by Watercoloor Watercoloor 





For those of you who planned on entering the Dragon Wars art contest: You have two weeks left to submit your entries!
Live streaming in a few minutes! Join in with me!
Almost time for Craig's Saturday Stream! Will be going live in about 15 minutes, working on "The Dragon Wars" art. :)

Join in with me as I draw!
Speedpaint video! This was used for my music class final project. :D

This is bullcrap.

I have a video privately posted on my YouTube as my music class final project. In the video, I used "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Night on Bald Mountain". Of course, I get a notice for use of copyrighted music.

But here's the dumb part: The video was blocked from viewing because of a claim on "Hall of the Mountain King"! Apparently it was okay for me to use Night on Bald Mountain, but not Hall of the Mountain King?! How does that make any sense?!

I was not in the mood for any legal mumbo-jumbo, so I decided to remove Hall of the Mountain King from the video. So now the first two minutes of the video are silent. And I have to present the video to my music class today.

Screw YouTube's copyright system. :x
I still plan on hosting a "The Dragon Wars" fan art contest! I'm just waiting for this semester to be over before starting the contest.


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Randi-lovesArt Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Criag! 
I'll be working on the contest entry in a minute, just trying to build up more confidence right now, that's all.
Gontopia-Realm Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, good to know. I can hardly wait to see your contest entry! :D
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Thanks a bunch! I'm currently working on it right now. ;)
Stay tuned.
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Oh man, do I know the feeling! But I love Tregondor! <3
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